Bali Yoga Adventure Holiday #1 - Christmas End of Year Getaway

Holiday Trip #1 over Christmas - 5D4N - Dec 22 - 26 - gratitude and gifting to ourselves and each other!

Go here for pics & more: https://www.facebook.com/events/1780692052228995/

The end of every year ushers in a time to reflect, honor how we’ve grown, and celebrate the big and small wins. No better time that than taking up an opportunity to unplug, explore new or familiar places, have fun, and meet new people.

If you’re looking for more than a holiday, for new experiences and adventures, and to meet a new group of like-minded and similarly restless souls - we’re looking for you too!

(itineary, villa room options, pricing, flights, etc further below, holiday trip #2 is Dec 27-Jan1 - https://www.facebook.com/events/370952966694129/)

This holiday is a budget investment for yourself (I’ve only seen trips like this of US$1000+! for you to enjoy guided meditations, a range of yoga sessions, circles and journal time, tropical breakfasts in our beautiful villa accommodation with pool, organized trips for Bali exploration - rice paddies, waterfall, temples, sunrise volcano hikes, beach time, and more. This is your holiday to nourish your soul, have fun and laugh without abandon, fulfill your wanderlust spirit, live your inner adventurer.. your time to be wild, carefree, hungry, and empowered and inspired from within.

Fun, flexibility, strength, balance, communication, trust. Find that all in yourself and in others, while having the time of your life :) You’ll leave refreshed, recharged, rejuvenated, impressed with how far you’ve come in your journey, the new friends you'll make, and the fun you'll have had.

No prior yoga experience necessary. Group size limited to 5-11 people. Discounts for early birds, if you bring a friend, and additional 10% lowered cost if you’ve done a yoga holiday with me before!

Our family style 3 bedroom villa (+ another villa for groups >6) includes air-con shared and single rooms, expansive bathrooms, open air living areas, private pool, tropical breakfast prepared in the villa, wifi, etc all in the beautiful town of Ubud, peacefully and quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud town, yet close enough to walk or hail a short motor or auto flight away.

*Sunrise meditations and 1-3 yoga classes per day are included and optional. Yoga classes include hatha, vinyasa, yin, deep stretching.
*Each practice will have a theme, i.e. acceptance, celebration, trust, balance, overcoming fears, letting go, heart opening, expansion, etc.
*Yoga practices will lead into journaling time, encouraged but optional of course : ) Topics include reflecting, dreaming, goal setting, planning, etc.

*** IMPORTANT*** - If you are keen, please post in this FB event AND email namaste@cynthia.yoga, thank you!
*You can contact me there, and immediately receive an email from me with a link to even more info.

[I will be on a cruise to Antarctica (!!!) from Nov 4 - 16, and will have a shipboard email that namaste@cynthia.yoga will forward to, but can only receive/send text-only emails, and very intermittent times can check social media. Nov 16-20 - I will return to somewhat-normal access while in Patagonia, which is why so much detail here. Thanks so much for your patience!)

*May rearrange considering weather, arrival/departure times of the group, etc

Dec 22 - Welcome!
- Arrive, settle in, relax, pool time, welcome dinner
- Candlelight yin yoga, opening circle, journaling

Dec 23 - Bali excursions
- Sunrise guided meditation, morning vinyasa yoga practice
- In-villa tropical breakfast
- 3-4 tour around Bali - rice paddies, waterfall, water temple
- Drop off in Ubud town - free time
- Optional pre-dinner yoga class back at villa
- Free dinner time - optional meeting restaurant
- Evening candlelight yoga

Dec 24 - Ubud + guest teacher/healer + reiki offered
- Sunrise guided meditation, morning hatha yoga by guest teacher-healer Sthephane Tomani @yogadone (coming from Brazil!)
- Yoga & acroyoga playtime & photos with Sthephane
- In-villa tropical breakfast
- Free afternoon - private reiki healing sessions offered by Stephane (kindly offering a special discount!)
- Pre-dinner yoga class
- Free dinner time - optional meeting restaurant
- Evening candlelight yoga

Dec 25 - Christmas Day sunrise volcano hike, hot springs, beach time, & gift exchange
- Early morning hike to Mt Batur volcano, light breakfast at the summit during sunrise
- Relaxing time at the hot springs
- Late breakfast / lunch
- Nap time back at villa
- Stretching, opening yoga session
- Trip to the beach - late afternoon til sunset
- Christmas dinner
- Christmas white elephant gift exchange
- Evening candlelight gift-to-yourself yoga

Dec 26 - Closing sessions and farewell hugs
- Sunrise guided meditation, morning yoga class
- Closing circle
- In-villa farewell breakfast
- Relax, chill, checkout

** BOOKING** 3 tiers:

(1) Early birds ** book and transfer 50% deposit by end of Nov 20, full payment by Dec 15:

Shared room:
- 1 x rm1250 - $295 - save 17%
- 2 x rm2350 - $555 - save 22%
Single room:
- rm2200 - $520 - save 15%

(2) Regular Birds ** book and transfer 50% deposit by end of Dec 4, full payment by Dec 15:

- 1 x rm1400 - $330 - save 7%
- 2 x rm2650 - $625 - save 12%
- rm2450 - $575 - save 6%

(3) Later Birds ** book and transfer 50% deposit, full payment by Dec 15:

- 1 x rm1500 - $355
- 2 x rm2850 - $670
- rm2600 - $615

*If retreat size exceeds 7 people, a group of 4 will have their own villa (2 shared rooms) or group of 3 (2 shared+1 private).

**If you have been on a prior retreat with me, you will receive an additional 10% off your package! (Super excited if I get to have one of you again - lucky me!)

**Feel free to join for both holidays - 5% off and free stay for the 1 night in between on Dec 26. The second holiday is Dec 27 - Jan 1 and will be similar but also unique in it's own way so you will not be bored :) more here: https://www.facebook.com/events/370952966694129/

*Can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, Quickpay (US), Venmo (US)
*Please note, your spot is only confirmed when deposit is made and confirmation screenshot/receipt emailed to namaste@cynthia.yoga
*Full payment must be completed 1 week prior to start of retreat

- Villa accommodation
- Welcome pack - incl. toiletries, journal, beach sarong, etc
- All tropical breakfasts
- Welcome group dinner
- Snacks, fruits, tea, coffee available anytime
- Daily room and pool servicing
- 24/7 in-villa pool time
- Great wifi for Bali (fibre optic)
- Morning sunrise meditations
- 1-3 guided yoga classes a day (optional)
- 3 excursions (1/2 day Bali hopping, Mt Batur for sunrise hike, beach trip)
- Fun yoga and Bali photos, drone photography, etc
- Custom bracelet made by me ;)

- Flights
- Visa if required (most countries in Asia, US, etc have tourist visa on arrival for 30 days)
- Transportation to villa in Ubud (I can arrange for you, or suggest easiest/cheapest ways to arrive from airport, or other locations in Bali)
- Meals except for breakfasts and welcome dinner (will have lunch/dinner spots for anyone who wants to eat with a lil group!)
- Transportation from/to/around Ubud (can walk or take motor/car taxis a few minute’s walk minute away)

Approx prices round trip if you book now! I used AirAsia, SkyScanner, Kayak to search. Flexible dates can have lower prices - plentttty of stuff to do in Bali! Or join me for more fun :)

Round trip from:
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (many flights can route through KL) - rm400 / US$92 !!!!! ***
- Singapore - S$245 / US$180
- Bangkok - US$175
- Hong Kong - US$373 / HK$2900 !!!
- San Francisco - US$500 (!!! - If you come earlier, while you’re at it!)

* If you have the option, please opt for travel insurance, just in case of any delays due to volcanos ;)


Cynthiã Wõng is currently on a mission to create 1 million inspired moments to empower people all over the world to step into their passions and light. She sees yoga as a transformative tool for people to connect again to oneself, to step into the person they’ve always known they can be.

She's done her 3 teacher certifications in Bali - Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Standup Paddleboard Yoga, and Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga. She integrates breath, environment, music, and fun to build conscious communities, together embracing yoga, as well as personal goals and visions.

While born and raised in US, Cynthia has lived in 8 countries and currently traveling her 57-59th countries :) She’s spent 4 of the past 5 years living/based in KL. She’s taught yoga for various groups – transformational programs for women, yoga for families, couples, new moms, refugee girls and women, male pageant finalists, yoga to live music, at MURFEST, SUP Yoga at Bali Spirit Fest, even designing a series of yoga classes for running. Venues expand beyond beautiful studios to include candlelit balconies, city center rooftops, seaside beaches, eco-resorts, desert festivals, urban parks with skyline view, cafes, the 5 star Pangkor Laut resort, and her Sunday sunset yoga classes under a huge open air dome. Her favorite thing is to teach yoga in inspiring spaces and outdoors, and with these holiday classes - will be over 100 yoga classes she’s taught outdoors!

FB: www.facebook.com/cynthiaactiveyogi
IG: @CynthiaTravels @CynthiaTravels_Photography @Cynthia_ActiveYogi
Peatix: http://cynthiaactiveyogi.peatix.com/
Dec 22 - Dec 26, 2017
[ Fri ] - [ Tue ]
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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